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Release date

Operating system

Great news. The EndNote X9.2 update for Windows and Mac has been signed-off by QA. This means we should be able to launch Tuesday, June 11, during US business hours. This update contains bug fixes and one new feature, enhancements to Kopernio import.

Kopernio Workflow Enhancements

With X9.1 and earlier, while the PDF did attach to the record once imported into EndNote, it attached as an absolute link to the PDF in the downloads folder. This is not ideal as if either the library or file were moved or renamed, the link may fail to work. Additionally, files attached as absolute links do not sync with EndNote online. With X9.2, the PDFs will now download and attach as regular relative links, which will significantly improve the experience for EndNote X9 users.

As a side note, this means of downloading PDFs isn’t limited to Kopernio. Other 3rd parties using an RIS-formatted export will be able to update their exports to pass over an accessible URL and EndNote will download and attach the PDF in the same way. Therefore, it’s possible that in the future more sources will make PDF exports into EndNote an option.

Separately from X9.2, the Kopernio team also made a coordinated update to their plugin. As of last week, when you choose the RIS export option, you will be automatically prompted to launch the RIS file. Please see screenshots below of the RIS export from the Kopernio locker and the resulting prompt.

Note: customers are advised to have X9 and their preferred destination library already open for smoothest workflow. If they do not have their destination library open, they will be prompted to select the correct library. This works fine, but adds extra steps.

These enhancements should be a big improvement to customers who are also Kopernio users.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

Here is a list of the main known issues addressed by this update:

  • Restore download from ScienceDirect in Find Full Text.
  • Minor sync enhancements (speed and security).
  • Improvements to CWYW when sharing libraries with ambiguous citations – CWYW sometimes would struggle with shared libraries that include multiple records with extremely similar information (ie author, title, year all the same), resulting in the wrong citation occasionally being inserted. This is now resolved.
  • PDF import enhancements: Differences in parsing of DOIs between Windows and MacOS have been identified and corrected.
  • MacOS: Resolved issue scrolling through PDFs in High Sierra.
  • MacOS: Dark mode support for CWYW on MacOS Mojave.
  • MacOS: Corrected issue with selecting Reference Types in the Templates view of the Style Editor.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.

Please let us know if you have questions.

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